About Winsbury Dairy

The Beavan family bring you Winsbury Dairy, nestled in the beautiful rolling hills on the Shropshire Mid-Wales border.

Experience the difference with our award winning farm-fresh milk, where sustainability meets superior taste in every bottle. Join our family of satisfied customers and elevate your dairy experience today.

Our milkshake is crafted with premium ingredients, delivering a creamy indulgent taste that will satisfy your cravings – from classic Strawberry and Chocolate to Nutella and Cream Egg, there is something for everyone. With its irresistible flavour and smooth texture, our milkshake is the perfect treat to enjoy any time of day.

Our award winning milk is straight from our farm ensuring freshness, quality and high nutritional value with every pour. Its rich and creamy texture enhances the flavour and composition of your coffee creations. The high protein levels in our milk ensure the milk remains stable when steamed to high temperatures, meaning it will steam to a creamy delicious foam every time, elevating the experience for your customers and setting your coffee shop apart.

Stocking Winsbury dairy bottles of milk adds a unique, luxurious, artisanal touch to your offerings enticing customers seeking quality and sustainability with full transparency of where their food comes from. Our distinctive pink branding and exceptional taste, makes our milk stand out, the passion and love in every bottle is evident. Happy cows, make delicious milk, and that makes happy people!

I am Ellie, a born and bred dairy farmers daughter. I have always had a passion for farming and how our food is produced. After leaving the farm for a few years to go to University in Reading, including a placement in the food industry in Leicester and Cornwall  I realised how disconnected many people are about where their food comes from and how it’s been produced, despite the real increase in demand to #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom.

So! In 2020 I set up Winsbury Dairy, pasteurising and selling our milk directly to consumers firstly via shops and vending machines, then later on started adding cafes, restaurants to our portfolio as well as our awesome Milkshake trailer, that you’ll catch us in at events up and down the country. We have even gone on to win great taste awards and FOUR gold awards! Yeaaaay

“Buying local fresh food straight from the farm makes sense. It improves transparency of the supply chain, it reduces the time before food gets to your plate meaning its packed full of nutrients, whilst having direct access and communication to the farmer- US, consumers know exactly what’s happening  at the farm, and essentially it tastes flipping awesome!”

“Buying local fresh food straight from the farm makes sense. It improves transparency of the supply chain, it reduces the time before food gets to your plate, and with direct communication with the farmer you know exactly what's gone on at farm level, and essentially it tastes flipping good!”

We’re absolutely thrilled to have won a number of awards already for a range of our dairy products from prestigious organisations.

It means so much to us and we’d like to share the details with you too!

Nutritious Award-Winning Produce Straight From The Farm

We’re really proud of the produce we offer. All made here at Winsbury Dairy using the delicious fresh creamy milk from our girls: