Our Products

We offer wholesome and nutritious produce with fab choices and alternatives for those who require it.

We’re really proud of all we produce and just know you’ll love them as soon as you try them!

Farm Fresh Milk

As nature intended enjoy our non-homogenised milk with its delicious creamy top, or shake for a delightful whole milk (approx 4% fat). We also offer semi-skimmed and skimmed milk. We even have barista milk – a creamy high fat milk that can withstand high temperatures for steaming to make the best frothy coffees. 

As our milk comes straight from the farm and is not standardised, the butter fat level in the milk will vary with the seasons and depends on what the cows are eating! This is where the magic of buying farm fresh comes from – as nature changes around us, it impacts the food we produce and the way it tastes. Pretty amazing right!

And even better – by buying milk in reusable glass bottles you’re saving lots of single use plastic reaching landfill!

Milkshakes & Iced Coffee

All our milkshakes are made using our own creamy milk. We offer a huge variety of flavours. As you can imagine strawberry, chocolate and vanilla are the most popular, but we also have salted caramel, banana, honeycomb, cream egg, white chocolate and raspberry, black cherry, sweet and salty popcorn, Turkish delight, Amoretto and so many more,including seasonal specials such as spiced pumpkin for Halloween and minced pie for christmas!

As well as our static vending machine we get to take a specialist milkshake vending trailer to fab events across the UK. Any spare milk we have from shows or the vending machine is greatly appreciated by  the calves to ensure there is not a drop of waste and we can utilise every bit of the delicious nutritious milk and keep a zero waste cycle… it’s just too good to waste!

Our iced coffees are just the best, if I do say so myself! Homemade coffee syrup made fresh on the farm to perfectly balances against our delicious fresh milk, giving it that creamy sweet, fresh taste that also really give you a real ‘pick me up’

Delicious Single & Double Cream

Farm fresh, delicious cream! Yes please!! Elevate desserts to the next level, pour on fresh fruit or even splash in your coffee or hot chocolate.  Our cream takes it from good to great ….. cooking, whipped or just runny it’s a game changer trust me!

My fave is whipped up served on a scone with jam and fresh strawberries, but are you jam or cream first kind of person?

Free Range Eggs

Delicious free range, farm fresh  eggs. Sold in 1/2 dozen boxes or tray, to suit chefs and families alike.

Also, all mixed sizes to suit however you like your eggs, its always a dippy egg and soldiers for me!  Like with the cows we truly  believe happy hens produce the best eggs, so their welfare is our priority!

Bottle Cookie Baking Kits

Milk or white chocolate chip cookies or delicious Oat and Raisin spiced cookies. Simply empty the contents into a bowl and add the butter and milk, full ingredients list and instructions included. Makes a perfect gift for all ages… to get little ones baking all the way to teachers thank you pressies the possibilities are endless.

Also coming soon is our new doggie baking kits so you can make delicious nutritious treats for your 4 legged friends too!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions we tend to receive so we’ve created these handy FAQ’s to help! If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Holstine Fresian and Norwegian crosses. Commonly dairy cows are Holstine Fresians but in the last few years we changed up our breeding to increase cows longevity instead of aiming for just maximum yields. This means our girls live longer and have more lactations as a result.

Six days once pasteurised Bottles in shops are individually dated. We recommend to use within 3 to 4 days when purchasing from our vending machines.

Our milk is gently pasteurised in small batches, bringing all the milk up to temperature slowly to kill any harmful bacteria. Our slow process keeps all the natural flavour and quality that milk should have!

We offer whole, semi and skimmed milk as well as special creamy high protein barista milk perfect for steaming for frothy coffees.

Yes please! Drop any empty bottles at any shop that sells our milk or at the farm and you will get 70p of your next bottle!

Any 1L container you have will be perfect. Just make sure you line the spout and opening of your vessel and make sure the sensor has recognised your cup is inserted (you may have to wiggle it around a bit!)

Not yet but we’re working on it!

No they are all contactless card only.

Rinse out when empty then pop it in the dish washer to sterilize.  Additionally wash thoroughly with very hot soapy water.

There is a box of new lids free of charge by the vending machine in Bicton Heath. Please help yourself.