Our Values

At our family dairy farm, Winsbury dairy hold dear the following values.

They guide every aspect of our farms operations, from the care of our cows to the delivery of our milk to you Wholesome & Sustainable

Our award-winning milk , ensures every bottle contains the freshest, most nutritional and delicious product. Produced using renewable energy with sustainable farming practices.

Community Roots

We have a rich heritage with a strong connection to the local community, visitors always welcome to see the combination traditional farming methods whilst embracing innovation to ensure a longevity.

Happy Cows

Our girls are their happiness is at the core of everything we do. There is nothing we love more than seeing them out free-range, exploring and grazing fresh pastures.


Being a new generation female founder in the Agri-food business, I have strong ambitions to make a change. I am passionate to give children affordable access to proper, whole, unprocessed nutritious food, made with love, care and full transparency.