Why Farm Fresh Is Best

So “why should we buy from the farm” I hear you ask. “It’s much cheaper, and anyway… all milk is the same isn’t it?” 

We are a family run dairy farm and Winsbury Dairy is my new start-up business. By supporting a local small business, you are reinvesting in and giving back into your local and rural economy and community ensuring the best practices are maintained and sustaining our beautiful world for future generations. 

This is so close to my heart and I’m sure some of these are important to you too,  please read below to see what it means for you.

It's Local

Our vending machine is full of farm fresh milk that comes from our girls the same day. Knowing exactly where your food is from is so important, reducing food miles also reduces your impact on the environment as pre bottled milk travels hundreds of miles from the farm to the processing unit to the bottling unit before going back out to supermarkets then finally getting into your fridge!

Gently Pasteurised

Our milk is gently pasteurised in small batches, bringing all the milk up to temperature slowly to kill any harmful bacteria. Our slow process keeps all the natural flavour and quality that milk should have!

Farm Fresh

was All our milk is processed and distributed within 24 hours! Meaning it tastes super fresh and is still full of nutrients. This is where the magic of buying farm fresh comes from – as nature changes around us, it impacts the food we produce and the way it tastes!


Our milk is not homogenised, meaning the cream rises to the top, just as it should naturally. If you don’t love this, just give your bottle a shake and it’ll all mix in! The process really is that simple your milk doesn’t need to be messed with ensuring it maintains its top-notch quality!

Glass Bottles

By buying milk in reusable glass bottles you’re saving lots of single use plastic reaching landfill!